Why is Custom Made Cabinetry So Expensive?

If you are planning a kitchen remodel then you might have realized that there is an enormous price difference between custom kitchen cabinets and stock kitchen cabinets, or even between custom kitchen cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

On average, custom kitchen cabinets cost around 15,000 – 40,000 Canadian dollars. Stock cabinets are about seven times cheaper than this. Semi-custom cabinets have a price tag that falls in between the two options.


It might seem completely unreasonable to you that custom cabinets are so much more expensive. Here are some of the top reasons why there is such a difference between the price of custom cabinets and the price of stock or semi-custom cabinets.


  1. Materials


Many custom kitchen cabinets are made with much finer materials than stock cabinets are made with. Stock cabinets are often made with extremely cheap woods, or sometimes even fake woods. However, custom cabinets are often made out of expensive woods such as hickory or maple. They are also frequently made out of imported exotic wood, which can also be very pricey. So, the fact that better quality materials are often used in custom kitchen cabinets is one of the main reasons why custom cabinets are so expensive.


  1. They are not Produced in Bulk


One of the primary reasons why stock cabinets are so cheap is because they are produced in bulk at factories. Just like many other things, when cabinets are produced in bulk, the cost of production tends to be less. This is because machines are used to create them and producers often buy materials in large quantities and get deals for buying in such large amounts.


  1. Custom Cabinets are more Difficult to Produce


Custom cabinets are more difficult to produce because the person who makes them has likely never created the exact cabinets you ordered before. This is because many people who order custom cabinets have completely unique designs. Also, custom cabinets are frequently made by hand instead of with machines, unlike stock cabinets. So, they can take a lot more time and labor to create, which also boosts the price.


Which Type of Cabinet is Right for You?


If budget is not a concern for you, then you might want to go with custom cabinets. After all, custom cabinets are more unique, and you can tailor your designs to your specific needs and preferences. This is pleasing to many people. However, if you are looking to find the absolute cheapest cabinets available on the market, then you should strongly consider going with stock cabinets. Stock cabinets will still get the job done and will still look good in your home. They might not be as flashy as custom cabinets, but if you choose the right stock cabinets, then they will still be able to impress your guests, don’t worry! Semi-custom cabinets are a good option for you if you would like to select more details about your cabinets than stock cabinets will allow, but if you cannot afford fully custom cabinets.