Kitchen Renovation Trends

If you feel that your kitchen is outdated or just needs a bit of a change, then it is beneficial for you to hear about some of the latest and greatest kitchen renovation trends. Here at MOD Kitchens, we always keep up with the best kitchen renovation trends. Here are some of the top kitchen renovation trends that you should be aware of if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen.

  1. Beautiful Ceilings


The ceiling is an area of the kitchen that is often overlooked during renovations. However, a trend has arisen that involves people redoing their ceilings during renovations to make them much more beautiful. This can involve painting them, paneling them, or otherwise adjusting them to make them increase the overall beauty of the kitchen. In particular, many people have been painting their ceilings colors that are still relatively neutral, but which accentuate the rest of the colors in the kitchen. Many kitchens have become more beautiful through this process.


  1. Open Kitchens and Living Areas


Another kitchen trend that has been taking the nation by storm is combining kitchens with living rooms in order to create one large room. Many renovations that use this design use overhead or hanging lamps in the kitchen and normal lighting in the living room. However, they use the same color paint or wallpaper for both rooms. This creates cohesion between the two rooms while also making each room feel separate and distinct. Many people prefer open designed that combine kitchens with living rooms because they think it makes their home feel more comfortable and free-flowing.


  1. Attractive Pantries


Like ceilings, pantries are an area of the kitchen that has often been neglected in the past. A hot new kitchen trend is to make pantries exceptionally beautiful. Removing corner pantries and making custom built-in cabinet pantries makes the kitchen look larger and can increase your storage space.  There are countless ways to configure these units from pull out shelves for easy access to even having the whole pantry pull out. If you have a pantry in your kitchen, then perhaps it is time you give it the makeover it deserves!


  1. The Use of Copper


Copper is a very beautiful material and a kitchen trend that is buzzing right now is the use of copper to accentuate a kitchen’s beauty. Many people are using copper in their kitchens by hanging copper pots in their kitchens, but having copper cops and pitchers resting on open shelves in their kitchens, etc. Adding copper to your kitchen can help it to have a little extra flare and brightness. Copper is a gorgeous metal and having it in your kitchen can make your kitchen trendier.



If you have any questions about kitchen trends or if you are looking to renovate your kitchen, then we would be very happy to speak to you. Please feel free to call us today at 780-997-0909 to speak to one of our professional representatives!